HobbyBoss 1/72 Messerschmitt Me163 Komet build report

During our new years gathering of my local IPMS department i ran into the HobbyBoss 1/72 Messerschmitt Me163 Komet. I tought it would be a nice kit to try out my new airbrush, It was cheap and had a low parts count. I had the idea to have it assembeld quickly so i could start spraying.

Overall the kit has got a pretty good surface detail but lacks a bit of cockpit detail.

I planned to use this mostly as a airbrush experiment. As the cockpit was really empty i decided to do a little bit of scratch building to add some more detail. I havent got a whole lot of scratchbuilding experiance so this was also a nice way to experiment on that part.

I gave the cockpit a black primer coat, after that i hand painted all the details. When the painting was finished i gave the cockpit a gloss coat followed by a wash to pick out all the detail and last a flatcoat to seal it all.

After painting up the entire cockpit, the next step was glueing everything in place. The fit was really good so filler was hardly needed. I masked the cockpit and sprayed a black primer coat.

I started painting with the lower fusalage using my new airbrush, the H&S infinity with a 0.15 needle. It’s really amazing, the amount of control you have with this. I am really happy i bought it. I sprayed the ME163 lower fusalage and the undersides of the wing RLM 76 Light blue. After letting it dry i masked off the lowerhalf of the plane and went on with the first top side camoflage color RLM 82 Light green. After the base color RLM 82 i added some shadows and high lights by adding some white and black to the base color.

I masked off the top color RLM82, i sprayed the second camoflage base coat RLM 81 Brown Violet. After that i added some shadows and highlights again by adding some white and black to the basecoat. Time to remove the masking and reveal the end result.

After having everything painted i sealed it all off with a glosscoat. Decals where applied, followed with another glosscoat. I added some slight weathering with a Tamiya black panelline wash. Followed with a Flat coat.

I am pretty pleased with the end result of my HobbyBoss 1/72 Messerschmitt Me163 Komet, its a simple kit but has plenty of detail and fits great. It was a pretty quick build and was a nice test subject for my new Harder & Steenbeck Infinty.


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  1. Nice kit with very precisely added cockpit details. Your workflow clearly explained. Well done! 👏

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