Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1A build report

Recently I finished this nice little Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1A, its a nice, simple and easy to build kit with pretty good surface detail and some nice marking options.

Work started on the cockpit, after cutting the parts from the sprue i airbrushed everything in an RLM66 basecolor. I used Ammo A.Mig 218 for this. When the paint was dry i scratchbuild some seatbelts from maskingtape and thin coper wire. I painted al the small details in the cockpit with a brush after that the cockpit was finished with a wash and a flatcoat.

After finishing the cockpit work continued on the inside of the fusalage. First a primer coat was applied on all the parts that need paint. After that all the parts recieved a coat of Alclad II Aluminum followed with a gloss coat and a wash. Everything was sealed with a flat coat.

The insides of the engines recieved a coat of Alclad II Jet exhaust. Assembly was overal straight forward, some small seems in the fuselage needed filling. I had a bit more work on the engine mountings, as they somehow weren’t inline with the rest of the fusalage. I had some small steps there, This was solved by glueing some sheet styreen over them and sanding that so that the wing and engine mountings where inline again.

Next up a primer coat of UMP Retail black primer. After letting it cure properly it was time to spray on some paint. The bottom half was airbrushed in RLM76 i used Mr Hobby H417 for this. The topside was airbrushed in RLM 83 for this i used Mr Hobby H423. I airbrushed the paint scheme free handed including the motteling. After finishing the basic paint scheme i added some high lights to te top side by adding a couple of drops of yellow to the basecolor. I let the paint dry properly before masking of and painting some details like the yellow nosecone and metal on the air intakes. Everything was sealed with a gloss clear coat.

When the gloss coat was dry it was time to for some decals, they laid down perfectly with some Micro set and sol. these where sealed with a glosscoat as well in preperation for weathering.

Weathering started with some panelline washes. For the bottom i used an Ammo dark grey panelline wash. For the top half of the plane i used a Tamiya black panel wash. After applying the panelline washes i let them dry and whiped them off with a paper towel.

Weathering continued by applying some dirt spots and filters. On the underside of the engines and plane i added some small drops of Ammo Nature Effect light dust, after letting them dry they where dry brushed to form dust build up. The landing gear was weathered with some panelline washes. Some dirt was added to the wing root where the pilot and ground crew would stand. Oil streakes where added to the engines and the underside of the plane. Some filters where used on the control surfaces to make them stand out a bit more. After the weathering was complete everything was sealed with a flatcoat.

It was a great and fun build and i am verry happy about how my Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1A turned out. Here are some pictures of the final result.


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